This article was originally published on the website Rocky Parenting. I was a finalist in their Valentine’s Day humor writing competition, “Awkward Love.” I think we can all relate to the frustrations and disappointments of dating, whether recent, long ago, single or divorced.

I was determined to be proactive about improving my romantic life. Since I was not meeting many men “organically” I decided I would give online dating another shot. This time I would be lenient on the looks and focus more on finding a nice, sweet guy.

During a brief pre-date phone call with my potential match, he mentioned that he sometimes wore glasses and sometimes did not. His hair could be straight or spiked, his dress style casual or cool. He would surprise me. And that he did…standing on the corner sporting yellow khakis, pink polo shirt and feathered, chin-length hair reminiscent of Shaun Cassidy. With one elbow propped up against the building in a Sears catalogue pose, he was nerdy for sure, but maybe nice and sweet. So I tried not to be judgmental.

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